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Knowledge is power in the ever-changing Kitchener-Waterloo real estate market and completing a Free Home Evaluation is just one of the tools The Deutschmann Team uses to ensure that youre home is listed at a competitive price from the word go.

Working with our team ensures selling your property is done efficiently and with the best potential Return On Investment (ROI).

When working with Sellers to determine a listing price, Realtors do what is known as a “Competitive Market Analysis”, or CMA. A CMA is performed by evaluating three listing types: “Just Sold”, “Currently Listed”, and “Expired”. By comparing listings that are similar to your property and that are in the same area, an estimate of value can be made for your property.

Our team takes this a step further in order to provide the most realistic picture of the price. When our team values a property, we consider various methods and apply the most relevant of those to arrive at a consensus value.

When valuing your property, we use:

1. Comparable Property Sales

2. List to Assessed Multiples and Sale to Assessed Multiples for similar properties

3. Average Appreciation from when you purchased

In addition to the above, we use experience and knowledge of the KW real estate market to make necessary adjustments to the numbers derived from the valuation methods above (examples are location, size, features and upgrades/renovations, amenities, landscaping/yard, current market conditions, etc.)

Our value estimate is based on a proprietary algorithm giving consideration to a number of different value approaches. Our valuation cannot consider those attributes that make your home special – these attributes can only be seen by visiting your property. Please contact us for a no-obligation review of this report so that we can pinpoint a more exact value.