Landscaping Tips To Help Sell Your Kitchener Waterloo Home

admin | May. 21, 2015

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If you want to sell your Kitchener Waterloo home, but are interested in making simple upgrades before officially putting it in on the market, start with landscaping. Increasing your home’s curb appeal, will increase it’s value and help your home sell quickly.

A well maintained outdoor space says to buyers that you care about the preservation of your home. If you choose not to focus on landscaping, you run the risk of a potential buyer overlooking your home because of a unwelcome first impression. This spring, go beyond maintaining your lawn and increase your property’s value by applying one or more of these landscaping tips.

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Create an inspired pathway to your front door

Creating a clear pathway, through landscaping, that guides potential buyers to your front door adds major curb appeal. We suggest purchasing colourful hanging baskets or flower pots for your porch and developing a clean garden along your path. You will also need to pay attention to the path itself, any cracks or weeds in your stones should be removed. If you’re feeling inspired, go one step further and paint your door a stand-out colour.


Consider updating or upgrading your hardscape

Hardscape projects are more labour intensive, however they make a huge difference to both the appeal and value of your property. Decide if your porch, driveway, sidewalk, deck or fencing requires updating and have it priced out by a contractor to determine if it is a reasonable project for your budget. If these spaces are already well maintained, attract buyers by creating outdoor living space on your deck or patio.


Give your yard a manicure

Create some personality in your yard by adding colour, investing in mulch, and trimming your shrubs and trees. If you need to add a lot of plants, remember to keep it functional and low maintenance for buyers. If you haven’t already, rake any remaining leaves from winter, remove all visible weeds and dig out fresh lines for your flower beds.


Get rid of the dirt

Walk around the exterior of your home and identify any surfaces that feel or look dirty. Invest in power washing surfaces like the garage floor, the driveway, the walkway and the windows. Pay extra attention to your garage, it should also be clean and organized.

If you are preparing to sell a home in Kitchener Waterloo and want more advice on the simple steps that you can take to increase its value and marketability, our team is here to help.

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