The Do’s & Don’t of Staging Your Home for the Holidays

admin | Dec. 4, 2015

There’s no escaping it– the lights have been strung, the malls are becoming hectic and the festive songs fill the air –  on repeat.

The countdown to Christmas is officially here and you’re wondering whether you should “deck the halls” when your house is on the market! Our answer is a jolly YES, you should!

Just because you’re trying to sell your house doesn’t mean you need to keep all of your greatly loved decorations boxed up this year and skip the entire season.

Here’s some advice on how to enjoy this time of year while still keeping your house show-ready and appealing to all sorts of buyers.

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DON’T Overdo It

Save the excess for next year. Although you may have 10 boxes of decorations, this doesn’t mean they all need to be on display this year.  First and foremost you want to showcase your home, not your vintage collection of nutcrackers, or your life-sized nativity set.  Focus on creating small displays on tables or your mantle.  Keep it simple and whenever you add a decoration remove the old one to avoid clutter.


DO Keep the tree

Your tree will be your focal point in the room, so place it in a place where it isn’t hiding key elements of your space.  Take out a piece of furniture to create space rather than simply adding it to the room.  You don’t want a cluttered space.  Keep the tree simple, with a more neutral colour palette so it can nicely blend into the space.  If cutting a fresh tree, look for a smaller, slim tree that won’t consume a large space.


DON’T Complicate, Accentuate

Too many decorations will distract your buyers and create the feeling of a crammed space.  Choose decorations that will accentuate the great features your home already has.  A few simple ornaments on a mantle, a mistle toe under a stunning archway, throw pillows in a window seat, or a tall tree in a 2-storey great room.  Avoid the temptation to put out all your sentimental home-made decorations or ornaments.  These are often too personal so save them for next year.


DON’T Forget Outside

The outside of your house also needs to be kept simple.  Large inflatable snowmen, or candy canes lining your walkway are distracting.  Simple lights hung in a tidy fashion with a wreath or urn of greens creates an elegant holiday look while enhancing your home’s curb appeal.

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