While You Are Home, Why Not Increase The Value Of Your Home!

admin | Apr. 2, 2020

While you are at home, why not increase the value of your home.  Small improvements can really pay off!


Curb Appeal Counts

Curb appeal is one of the easiest and most effective ways to create a lasting impression of your property. It will impact both your home’s resale value and the time it takes to sell. Think of your front door as a picture and the front of your house the frame. What do you want this picture to say?  Ideally, your picture says the inside is as incredible as the outside. When deciding on what enhancements to make to the exterior of your home, ensure you strike a balance between elegance and ease – you want to ignite excitement and intrigue, but you don’t want to imply maintenance and work.



Here are a few quick and inexpensive ways to add value to the exterior of your home.


Inviting Lawns and Maintenance


Lawn maintenance is one of the most important elements of curb appeal. Maintain your lawn, trim your trees and shrubs. Add symmetry and balance to walkways and your front door – ensure they are evenly lined with flowers, shrubs, planters, etc. Perennials are are great option – these require less water and maintenance. When you’re looking at your curb appeal, don’t forget the side and rear views of your home. When you do sell, buyers will walk around your home.


Modernize Your Address Number

Switch out your dull, lifeless house numbers that date back to the year your home was built.  Replace them with a fresh, stylish and modern numbers.  Pinterest is a great resource for some great DIY options.


Update The Front Door

The look of your front door and entrance play heavily into the overall curb appeal of your home. The front door serves as the transition into your home and is part of a first impression. If your existing front door isn’t up to par, think about painting it to provide a nice refresh or splash of colour. If a more extensive update is required, look to replace it for a more attractive and energy-efficient option.




Starting to feel that “stuff” is taking up your space? Items that you perhaps haven’t used in years? Clutter invades the space of our homes and makes a home feel smaller than what it really is. Clean out closets, organize the garage, cabinets, counters, etc.  Having an organized home saves you time and money, and will bring in more money at the time of a sale. When it’s time to sell, you will feel confident about what you are presenting to the buyer.


Spring Clean

You only get one shot at a first impression. So, make the interior of your home shine from the moment someone walks through the door. Wipe down baseboards and cabinetry, dust corners, clean the floors…you get the idea. A clean house is healthier for you and your family, and if your house is on the market, a bright and sparkly home will attract buyers like a magnet.



Increase value by lightening up your home. This helps to visually increase your homes square footage. There are a few ways you can brighten-up your home.

Lighting: Make each room in your home feel larger by ensuring each space has adequate lighting. A bright, well-lit room feels more cheerful, warmer and welcoming, and also makes a space feel larger and cleaner. Should you decide to sell, prospective purchasers will feel at ease when viewing your home, as well as well-lit room also shows that you have nothing to hide.

Paint: One of the simplest, most cost-effective improvements is paint. Freshly painted rooms look bright, updated, and clean, which translates to value. When selecting paint colours, keep in mind that neutrals appeal to the greatest number of people, therefore making your home more desirable.

Decor: The key is to make each room in your house feel larger. Open drapes and blinds and replace dark and heavy drapery with a lighter option or shutters – a bright room with lots of natural light feels larger and more open. You can also look to brighten up dark furniture by adding lighter throws and accent pillows.








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