10 Step Guide to Selling Your Home This Spring

admin | Feb. 22, 2016

Kitchener Waterloo Loves to Buy During Spring and Summer Months

Not surprisingly, most people looking to buy a home in the Kitchener Waterloo Region are going to do so over the next few months, making this the perfect time to prepare your home for sale. Getting your house ready before you enter into the real estate market is going to put you in the best position to make a sale quickly. Avoid having to learn hard lessons months into the game and take the time to carefully tailor your home’s appearance to that of the average home buyer.

Not sure where to begin? We’ve gathered our experience and put together a simple list of things you can do in order to optimize your house for sale this Spring. Simply follow our 10 Step Guide to Selling Your Home this Spring and you can rest assured knowing you’ve taking care of the little things before the interested buyers come knocking!

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10 Step Guide to Selling Your Home This Spring

Step One: Declutter

Start your packing now, clear out clutter and items not used regularly.  Purge unwanted items and pack up the things you will keep.   Consider storing large items elsewhere to keep areas clear

Step Two: Deep Clean

Now is the time to tackle those neglected areas of the house that aren’t so obvious to you – the homeowner.  Buyers do look at things like baseboards, windows, appliances, blinds, inside cupboards, etc.

Step Three: Thorough Inspection

Take the time to thoroughly inspect your home.  Look at the corners in the basement for water damage.  Inspect the attic, check seals in windows.  Don’t leave any corner of the house unchecked.  This is the time to fix or repair.

Step Four: Fresh Paint

Fresh, neutral paint can do wonders in making a space feel fresh, clean and airy.  Also allows buyers to visualize themselves in the space.  Taking this time to repair nail holes, dents, or damage to walls also improves the condition of the space

Step Five: Fixtures and Hardware

Often lights and hardware are overlooked and can be dated or in need of repairs.  They add to the overall feeling of the room and can be replaced with little expense.

Step Six: The Floors

-At minimum consider cleaning carpets and other floorings.  If floors are damaged the option of replacing with new flooring should be considered.  Keep floors clear of clutter and dirt.  Ensure door mats are also clean and giving a strong first impression

Step Seven: Warm welcome

Buyers always use the front door to enter your home.  Take this space and create a strong first impression.  Keep this space clear of clutter, ensure the front door is in excellent shape, including the windows, paint job and hardware.  Create a statement with a wreath, or flowers outside of the front door.

Step Eight: Staging

A home staging consultation can do wonders in demonstrating the potential and value of your space.  Once your house is tidy and decluttered, finding optimal furniture arrangements, adding pieces to enhance your homes features, and getting that second, unbiased opinion on your home is invaluable.

Step Nine: Curb Appeal

The winter months always leave the exterior of the home and landscaping looking dreary and uninviting.  Take the time to clean exterior windows, put winter toys and accessories away, sweep or wash your porch, decks, and walkways.  Clean up gardens and lawns.  Consider filling planters or earns with spring flowers to enhance curb appeal

Step Ten: Talk to a Realtor

If you plan on selling your home, you need to understand the market you will be listing in. When is the perfect time to list?  How does your home compare to others in the neighbourhood?  These are questions a reputable and experience realtor can answer for you.

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