7 Top Home Renovation Trends for 2021/2022

elitere | Jul. 19, 2021

Over the past year, the home has become a place to work, play, and relax. From remote working to staycations, people’s homes have become a place where much more time is spent. So naturally, homeowners have invested their time customizing their homes to meet evolving needs. Although many of these shifts are a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of these changes and new functions are here to stay. If you want to sell your home, consider these home renovation trends to maximize your home’s appeal for today’s buyer.

1.Work From Home Sanctuary 

You can design a more functional work-from-home sanctuary by taking into account colours, storage and decor to maximize productivity, concentration and aesthetic. Soundproof walls minimize distracting home noises during virtual meetings or phone calls.

Another popular work-from-home trend is in constructing a modular pod in your backyard to give you a productive and functional work environment that’s independent of the rest of your living space and all of its distractions.

2. Multigenerational Living

With more people at home more often, homeowners are integrating multigenerational features such as laneway housing or coach house options in areas of the home or in the backyard

3. Bathroom Amenities

The bathroom has become an important place to destress and relax. Things like big soaking tubs with jets, aromatherapy shower heads and steam showers allow renovators to turn their basic bathroom into miniature oases.

4. At Home Gym

With so many people switching to virtual exercise classes over the last year, creating dedicated gym space is very appealing. Consider adding a sauna or steam room for that extra luxurious touch.

5. More Entertainment Space for Parents and Kids 

Having a dedicated play space for kids is a big trend now. Kids need exercise and space to run around and get dirty. Consider adding jungle gym toys to your home or backyard. Some parents are even building climbing walls into their rec rooms to give their kids year-round activities.

Similarly, many homeowners have brought the entertainment home by creating dedicated entertainment areas in their homes, such as game rooms or home theaters that the entire family can use.

6. Make your Home a Smart Home

The smart home movement has been accelerated thanks to the pandemic. Touchless home features such as bluetooth door locks, touchless faucets or voice-activated lighting systems are all enticing features to add to your home.

7. Add Eco-Friendly Solutions to Your Home 

Our strive for a more green economy can be applied at home too – and there are money-saving incentives and rebates to help encourage homeowners. Enbridge offers a way to receive up to $5,000 in rebates for air sealing, insulation, new windows and doors, and more with The Home Efficiency Rebate.

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