Buyer Agents: Working For You Free of Charge!

admin | Mar. 16, 2016

Kitchener-Waterloo real estate is currently a HOT commodity! There’s no doubt that when you are selling your house, there are significant advantages to using a realtor, however, the benefits of an agent do not end there.  If you are thinking of purchasing a house, especially in today’s real estate market, you need your own agent and here’s why:

1.It’s Free!

When a house is sold, only the seller pays the commission. So, as a buyer, you can receive all the benefits mentioned below for free!  Your agent works hard for you and you don’t pay a cent for this service. As a bonus, when you buy with The Deutschmann Team, they go one step further and pay for your home inspection (up to $500).

2. Negotiating Power

A buying agent manages all the negotiations for you with the other agent. They work for your best interests, negotiating the best price and terms based on what you need. Their focus is solely on you.

3. Access to Information – Timing is crucial in this market!

A realtor has access to listings before they are posted on MLS. In fact, you will get all the new listings up to 24 hours before they are on MLS. This ensures you don’t miss out on getting your dream home! Your agent will also look at comparable home sales in the neighbourhood and provide you with an expert opinion on the price, condition of the home, etc. Don’t forget that agents are also well connected with trades, lenders and professionals. This wealth of knowledge works to your advantage.

4. Enjoy the Ride!

When you have a realtor, you’ve got someone who manages all of the paperwork, presents the deals, does the negotiating, and often assists with home inspections, lawyers, trades, etc. This is their job and they are good at it!


Purchasing a home is a big decision and using a buyer agent who is legally and ethically responsible to represent your best interest at all times is a smart move! The Deutschmann Team offers you the benefit of experienced agents who have an in-depth knowledge of Kitchener-Waterloo, and have a dynamic and committed approach to finding you the right home!

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