Cleaning 101 Before Listing

admin | Nov. 29, 2018

Before you put your home up for sale, you’ll want to ensure it’s clean for all of the buyers that will be coming through. A dirty house is less appealing and will turn many buyers off with their first impression. If your home isn’t in tip-top shape, you could be losing out on a good offer. The idea of cleaning your home from top to bottom can be overwhelming so here is our list of a the most important areas to cover off.


-Wipe down the front door, both inside and out as well as the hardware

-Wipe down the walls, and any furniture Cleaning

-Clean off scuff marks off walls and floors

-Clean and vacuum the front closet, as buyers will be looking inside of it to check out the size

-Wash the baseboards as they can be particularly dirty in the front hall

-Declutter this entire area of extra shoes, coats and accessories – this is where a first impression is is made


-Wipe down all cabinet doors, both inside and outCleaning

-Clean all appliances, both inside and out

-Clean stove hood, both top and bottom

-Clean behind the refrigerator as well as on top.  Keep the top free of any clutter

-Clean entire sink area, removing any excess clutter (dish racks, etc)

-Wipe down any blinds or shades

-Vacuum out your drawers

-Tidy cupboards, removing extra food and appliances

-Remove all pet foods and dishes, storing them out of sight

-Remove any garbage from under counters before a showing

-Clean the floors, grout, baseboards and area rugs

-Wash around the dishwasher (ie. the rubber seals, etc)

-Dust above cupboards if this is left as open space

-Wash any windows

-Wipe down the floor registers, they also get dirty in the foyer

-Clean and tidy any additional furniture such as a hutch or sideboard

Family Room

-Dust all furniture and electronicsCleaning

-Ensure Fireplace is in working order

-Remove extra electronics and accessories (movies, games, etc)

-Clean baseboards and windows

-Tuck extra blankets and pillows away

-Tidy shelving or bookshelves

-Remove any stained or damaged pillows or furniture

-Dust any wall decor

-Tuck any pet toys or beds out of sight


-Clean all around including behind the toiletCleaning

-Declutter, displaying only necessities on the counter

-Organize and clean under the vanity

-Scrub floors and clean the grout

-Clean shower and tiles/grout

-Remove bath toys

-Lock away any medications

-Clean out the fan and ensure it’s working

-Replace dead light bulbs

-Wash windows and mirrors


-Wash sheets, comforters and blankets

-Add a bed skirt if there isn’t one alreadyCleaning

-Clean the curtains and rug

-Dust all furniture

-Organize and declutter all closets as buyers will be opening them up

-Keep dirty laundry stored away

-Remove personal photos

-Clean walls and windows

-Vacuum under the bed and baseboards


There are just the basics, each house is different.  Main things to remember is declutter as much as possible to highlight how spacious rooms, cupboards and closets are.  Keep every space as clean as possible, remembering things like windows, baseboards, which are often forgotten about.  Also making sure furnace and/or HRV filters are clean and replaced shows a buyer that you care about keeping things in working order.

If the job feels too big we recommend hiring a professional cleaner to ensure your home gives off a great first impression!



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