How to Prepare Your Home to Generate Multiple Offers

elitere | Aug. 26, 2021

Multiple Offers

It is a seller’s market right now, which is great news if you are thinking about selling your home. With fewer properties on the market and high demand for new homes in residential suburban areas as well as in the country, you can expect multiple offers on your home if you play your cards right.

Prepare, Stage & Prepare

First impressions are everything in real estate. The goal is for your home to stand out to buyers so that you attract multiple offers quickly. It is always best to work with your real estate agent and hire someone to stage your home and capture strong photo and video assets that showcase the space. Take the necessary time to declutter your home and move items to a temporary storage unit. Keep in mind that you need to clean and declutter ahead of every single showing, not just the first time.

Get the Word Out

The best way to attract multiple offers is by working with a real estate agent who will market your home online. They can promote your home, and attract buyers from their own network you don’t have a chance of reaching. Share a property as “coming soon” on social media to perpetuate interest ahead of your listing date. Once the home is listed, a good real estate agent will showcase your home through galleries, videos, and more.

Competitive Home Pricing

The best way to attract multiple offers is by pricing your home slightly below market value. If your home is priced right at market value most people won’t think about exceeding it, but they will place an offer to beat out someone with the perceived wiggle room. Once offers start, some buyers will increase their offers far beyond your starting price.

Accept All Showing Requests

The best way to attract multiple offers is to show your home to everyone who wants to see it. Keep your home presentable and show-worthy at a moment’s notice – it will pay off even though it may be slightly inconvenient for the time being.

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