Luxurious Upgrades You Don’t Want to Skip For Your Master Ensuite

admin | Oct. 2, 2019


The best designed master bathrooms contain several key features and finishes that you’ll want to ensure you include if you are in the process of building a new home, or if you are looking to renovate/update your current master bath.

Here is a list of top designer upgrades you will want to make certain you include, so that your master bath is both beautiful and functional:



Design and Symmetry

The most beautiful master bathrooms are those that keep things visually balanced and on either side.  If you have the space to do so, create symmetry in your room by centering elements on a wall. For example, consider 2 vanities rather than one and space them apart. Also, use windows to your advantage and build around them. Utilize light scones or hand towel fixtures strategically to keep things looking balanced.


Master Bath


Storage Solution

You can never have too much storage space in the bathroom. Built-in niches for things like soap and shampoo are a great option, however, you need to ensure they are big or tall enough to accommodate your favourite items.  If too small, they aren’t of any value.

Keeping things discreet is also often key, but if your space is open, items such as baskets and stylish containers are great. Check your local home décor store for some great options, such as Home Sense-lots of great options and reasonable prices, so that you can change things up to keep them looking fresh.


Master Bath



Take the time to consider some elements or ways to make this space your own.  Simple design elements such as tiles, lighting, hardware on doors or drawers, artwork, mirrors, etc. should reflect who you are or what you love.  Small touches can add so much personality and luxury to a space.  Instagram and Pinterest are both great resources for finding those unique touches to make the space yours.



Master Bath


Water Closet     

If you are lucky enough to have space to work with, considering installing a water closet. This allows for the master suite to be utilized by more than one person at a time and allows for additional privacy.  This is one feature that is worth the cost and use of space, as your functionally is greatly increased.


Master Bath




The use of lighting in a master bath can make such a huge statement.  There are so many options and places to incorporate great fixtures. It is also a smaller room, so take the opportunity to splurge and be adventurous.  Wall sconces, chandeliers, pendants, pot lights; there are so many options. Using several options together is best


Master Bath



Don’t Neglect the Windows

A great master bath will incorporate as much natural light as possible, which means big windows.  Privacy also needs to be taken into consideration, so window treatments may be required.  If so, consider using these as another way to add more luxury and glam. Don’t just stick to functional. There are great fabric options that are designed specifically for bathrooms.


Master Bath




The final area to pay attention to is the floors.  If you’re using tiles in your bathroom you have the option to install in-floor heating, which is a wonderful feeling in the bathroom especially during our colder months.



Master Bath



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