What To Include In Your Virtual Tour for Real Estate

elitere | Jun. 2, 2021

Even before the Covid-19 pandemic changed many in-person aspects of real estate buying and selling to online, the popularity of Virtual Tours and professional photographs of homes for sale was steadily on the rise. Busy buyers prefer to click through listings of prospective homes before contacting their real estate agent for a walk-through. In fact, the first thing that many prospective buyers do for your listing is click on the “Virtual Tour” link.

Not all virtual tours are created equal, and in fact, the quality and detail among listings even in the same area can vary widely. They say that a picture tells a thousand words, and it’s just as true for your listing. Here are some things that are important to include with your virtual tour.

Many real estate agents know that the MLS listing is a “tease” giving buyers a full vision of the house from different angles, including the entryway and curb appeal, the backyard, and even street views. Be sure to include photos of each room in the house from multiple angles, allowing buyers to study the home and envision themselves living there.

When adding photos to a listing, you must have them professionally done. A good photographer will be able to capture the fullest amount of natural light, and really show the home at its best. You may even wish to have aerial shots of the house, allowing buyers to see the neighborhood and the people they’ll be living beside.

Floor Plans

Sharing a floor plan is a fantastic pre-qualification tool, as it does not lead to a wasted viewing for both the buyer and the seller. Over the last year, the floor plan has become especially important, as it allows buyers to make a purchase decision without needing to set foot in the home. It also helps to expedite their purchase decision in a hot market. Especially for homes that are older or may need some renovation and remodeling, having the floor plan readily available is essential. Buyers can measure their own furnishings against the dimensions, or get an idea of whether they’d like to buy a “fixer-upper,” depending on the floor plan. Plus, it’s something nice for buyers who plan an extensive re-décor to have on hand, since it has the necessary measurements.

A Video Tour of the House

Video walkthroughs show much more than what photos and a floor plan can. They give buyers a real feel for the home and allow the person taking the video to point out interesting details and important features. The guide tool is especially helpful for this task.

The iGuide pairs the home’s floor plan alongside the photo gallery and video tours for each room, allowing buyers to virtually walk through the home while following along with the floor plan. This can help people get a better 3D image of the home in their minds. It also has VR capabilities for the premium version, plus an interactive 2D floor plan and accurate measurements.

Using photos, floor plans, and video tours is a great way to help buyers determine which homes they’d like to buy, and make your listing shine. Using iGuide, your listings are more user-friendly, plus there’s a social media sharing application, which makes it easier than ever to share new listings with your clients.

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