12 Ways to Update Your Garage and Shed

elitere | Sep. 28, 2021

Your garage or shed can create a relaxing spot to escape to, without having to leave your home. With the right guidance, you can improve the aesthetics, enhance functionality and increase the storage capacity of your garage or shed and turn it into an oasis of peace, comfort, and tranquility.

Here are 12 amazing ways to help you inject life into your garage or shed.

Cozy Sports Fan Lounge

If you are the sports type, your garage can provide a great space to watch your favourite soccer games, athletics, or football with friends or family. Incorporate some sports-themed décor ideas, comfy seating, and a mounted television. Add custom sports murals to get a fully-fledged sports room that sets the right sporting atmosphere and mood. 

After School Hangout Destination

If you live with tweens or teens, you can create a customized space in your garage or shed tailored to suit their hobbies. An ideal after-school hangout can offer ways to encourage your kid’s creativity and interests. Consider adding all the basics, including a couch to sit on, table to play games on, cooler or mini fridge, etc. 

Granny Flat 

Granny flats are tiny houses living in the backyard of a home. A granny flat can turn a boring shed into an inviting and comfortable mini home for family and friends to hang out. This option offers a comfortable and tranquil setting but is still close to your home.

Cake Studio

If you love baking during your free time, why not turn your idle shed into a baking studio. A customized cake studio can provide all the fun while enabling you to hone your baking skills or realize the dreams of your side hustle. If you opt for an open-plan structure, consider adding roller blinds to keep the sun from fading the colours of the cakes you are working on.


The garage space can offer a great spot to set up a gym if you are a fitness enthusiast. Clear out the space and set up some essential equipment such as kettlebells, bands, and free weights. If your budget allows, consider installing appropriate workout flooring, insulated walls, and top-notch fitness equipment such as treadmills or weight machines.

Home Office

Today’s workplace has changed, with more companies and employees preferring a work-from-home model. You can bring your office home and right into your garage or shed. A shed or converted garage can provide a dedicated and quiet place to take care of your projects. Create space for some office furniture, including a chair and desk, filing cabinets, hanging shelves, office supplies and any other equipment you may need. Consider also installing proper lighting and have fun with the colours to liven up the garage space.

Audio Room

If you are a music enthusiast, consider adding an audio room in your garage for practicing an instrument, singing loudly solo or with a band, or simply listening to your favourite albums away from the rest of the family. Install a few musical instruments and throw in colourful wall art that doubles as soundproofing.

At Home Workspace

Are you a DIY enthusiast looking for a private space for your projects? Consider turning your garage into a convenient and handy workspace for your DIY projects. Add an array of organizational elements such as wall mounts for brooms and gardening tools. Also, consider a workbench, and tool storage such as a lockable tool chest. A pegboard can also help organize your wall space and store the tools that require quick access.

Yoga Studio

Consider turning your shed or garage into a yoga and meditation haven. Leverage a soft floor material like cork, opt for large windows to allow for lots of natural light and keep the space minimal in design. Ensure you have enough space for at least one yoga mat to roll out. If you have space for multiple yoga mats, consider doing yoga with your partner or friend and enjoy your backyard zen in good company. 

Craft Corner

Your garage or shed can also be an ideal space to create your own little studio for you and your kids to tap into their imagination and get creative. If you are designing an art studio for kids, keep things bright and light as much as possible. Throw in some contrasting colours and exciting shapes that stimulate creativity.

Reading Area

Are you a reader looking for a quiet place to get lost in the world of literature? Well, your garage could be the perfect place to set up a reading area away from the noise and distractions of your home. You can turn your garage or shed into a small library or a cozy and laid-back place to curl up and read your favourite books.

Outdoor Kitchen Bar

Set yourself up to host outdoors and consider adding an outdoor kitchen bar. Limit your need to run back and forth to your house and stock your outdoor bar with stools, a fridge, glasses and more so that you can host and enjoy every moment with your guests. You can opt for a covered outdoor kitchen complete with bar space or an open-plan garage outdoor kitchen bar. Line up counter height patio chairs around the outside seating and use climbing vines or potted plants to decorate the seating space. 

A garage is a natural place for storing all sorts of things, including boxes, bikes and tools. Before embarking on your remodel project, get rid of anything you no longer need, and think creatively about organizing and storing the rest. 

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