Top 7 Window Design Trends for 2021

elitere | Oct. 4, 2021

Window designs are a great way to add value to your home, and an effective way to infuse some personality if you take pride in your interior decor. Updating your windows, in general, will boost the market value of your home, but going an extra step and incorporating modern window design trends into your new windows will help it maintain that value for years to come. A window can offer multiple benefits beyond just light properly optimized for both energy efficiency and aesthetics. 

Whether you need new windows or have a particular home renovation in mind that will open up a cavernous living room or dark kitchen, the following window design trends are a great place to start. From skylights to window walls, expect to see these design trends around you this autumn.

Window Walls

Window walls are large frames of glass used in place of an exterior wall. While the idea can sound intimidating, the results are often breathtaking. They are an amazing way to bring the scenic beauty of the outdoors inside your home and to breathe new light into a previously dark room. While window walls are not the right choice for every home, when used sparingly they can turn an ordinary living or dining room into a piece of architectural artwork.

Glass Doors

Glass doors are a nice compromise if a window wall seems too invasive because they can easily open up a room without dominating it. They also add an entryway to your home which can be beneficial if you don’t already have a back entryway.

If you need new windows but also want to boost the curb appeal of your home, black window frames are an excellent way to do so. They can instantly make a home “pop” and are usually only fractionally more expensive than traditional white frames. They tend to work best in homes with minimal colors where the black frames can contrast against white or light walls.

Artistic Windows 

Artistic windows are exactly what they sound like – windows that are designed to create a certain aesthetic alongside their traditional function. This may mean a delicate framework, domed frames, or even unique shapes and positions throughout a home.

Energy Efficient Windows 

While trendy windows boost the value of a home, what boosts its value even more is the introduction of energy-efficient windows. If your home windows are over 20 years old, there is a good chance they are only single-pane windows, which are not known for their energy conservation. Upgrading your windows to a double or triple-pane will boost the value of your home estimate right out of the gate, and even if you don’t plan to sell, help you reduce your energy costs. 

Corner Windows 

Corner windows can be a great compromise for the homeowner who wants a window wall but doesn’t have the space or scenery to really make it happen. Corner windows are great for creating seating nooks and adding instant warmth and charm to an otherwise dull room. 


Skylights fade in and out of fashion every few decades, but a cleverly placed skylight never loses its practicality and will always add value to a home. Kitchens and attics are wonderful places to consider skylight installation.

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